Hi, I’m Lara

Hi guys, I’m Lara Liz Jane Gelders and welcome to my blog! On here I’ll be documenting my life and sharing my journeys with you.

I was born and raised in Belgium and am currently 20 years old. When I’m not in school or studying, I like spending my time reading blogs, cooking, taking pictures, editing, spending time with friends, or rehearsing, singing, and performing on stage. What can I say, I’m a busy girl.

On my blog, I’ll mostly focus on main categories such as travel, beauty, and lifestyle. But I’ll also be paying some attention to more specific and personal topics such as acne and sensitive skin, my muscle disorder, my experience with endometriosis, and maybe some other me-related things.

FAQ’S //

How old are you?

– 20

Where do you live?

– I live in a little town called Diest in Flanders, Belgium. I also have a dorm in the big city, Brussels, cause that’s also where I go to school.

What University do you go to?

– I go to the Royal Institute for Theatre, Cinema and Sound, also know as the RITCS, in Brussels.

How long have you been blogging?

– I started my blog in 2018, but switched platforms in 2019 and wanted a fresh start. I deleted all my posts and started all over again. I’m so glad I did because they weren’t that great lol.

What are your passions?

– I love to travel and have been to 15 counties so far. I also love music, I’ve been taking vocal classes for 11 years now in which I focus on classical music and opera.

If you have more questions, make sure to leave them in a comment down below!

Last updated on May 25th, 2021.

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