Birthday brunch with the girls at De Ampersand | review

Birthday brunch with the girls at De Ampersand | review

Like Taylor Swift once said, “I’m feeling 22”. To celebrate my twenty-second birthday with my girlfriends, we decided to go have breakfast in my hometown, Diest. We quickly discovered this place called the ‘Ampersand‘ and I was really excited to try it. We all got the ‘feel good breakfast’ for €25 per person. This breakfast includes a glass of cava, a bottle of organic apple juice, as much orange juice, coffee, and tea as you’d like, food such as baguettes, croissants, and other sweets treats, but also smoked salmon, cheese, ham, jam, other kinds of charcuterie, yogurt, fruit, granola, and bacon and eggs prepared to your liking. It’s safe to say there was enough to go around for everyone and we liked the fact that they don’t just dump huge amounts of food on your table, but that you can just order some extra, which is included in the price. This way there’s not so much waste after every breakfast. The food itself was really nice and prepared with care, but the wait is definitely something the restaurant has to work on. My girlfriends and I met at the restaurant at 10 and the food was served at 10h40-ish. In our particular case, it didn’t matter as much to us because we were with a group of friends that hadn’t seen each other in a while and had lots to talk about, but 40 minutes on a regular day is quite a wait for breakfast. I did love that the on-table buffet was brought out all at once and at the same time as the eggs, that was very nice. There was only one thing we found a little odd. After having our breakfast they came out with yogurt, granola, and fruit salad. We all found this a little unfortunate because by that time we were super full. I don’t know if this was a deliberate choice or if it was because of a lack of time when they first served our food, but we’d recommend serving it with the other food and having it be part of the buffet. Overall tho I loved this experience and we all had a great meal and an even better time. I don’t regret spending my birthday here and I’d recommend it to all my friends.

Organic apple juice from my families company, a nice coincidence!

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