Traditional Greek food at Planatos cafe in Heraklion | Review

Traditional Greek food at Planatos cafe in Heraklion | Review

During our trip to Crete, we stopped by this little Greek restaurant located in a beautiful spot in the city of Heraklion. We were seated right underneath a giant old plane tree, it was about 30°C degrees so we welcomed the shade with open arms. It was quite a calm environment with lots of locals and the staff was very friendly. When it came to the food we wanted to try as many flavors as possible. Because of that reason, we decided to order from the starters menu. We got traditional Greek phyllo-wrapped baked feta cheese with honey and Greek zucchini flitters called ‘kolokithokeftedes’, both served with sweet & spicy tomato dip. We also got some garlic bread and a giant fruit platter from the dessert menu. We drank a coke and a bottle of water. In Belgium, you sometimes pay €10 for a bottle of tap water so I was shocked when I saw this bottle only cost us €2. It makes way more sense, I’m just not used to it. The food itself was also very cheap, but that didn’t mean the food was bad, quite the contrary. We had a lovely meal I will definitely return when visiting Heraklion.

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